What’s the Plan, Stan?

Jason Daley Kennedy
3 min readMay 3, 2018


Day 38 of my #40Daysto40 challenge to become the best version of myself and I’m reminded of the importance of having a vision.

she’s totally reading me here

I share the value of having a vision with my coaching clients as well as with larger groups whom with I have the chance to work. I also share the importance of admitting where you are because vision work is a lot like Waze — you can’t get to your desired destination you want to go unless you share your starting location (more on that in this Manic Button Moment on Rejection).

So what’s my vision?

To become the most holistically healthy, fearless-ish version of myself by 40, and sharing my journey with others to learn from or inspire them to achieve their most holistically healthy fearless-ish version of themselves.

And how will I do that?

At the risk of over-using the Waze analogy, I gotta program the app to make getting from point A to point B actually work. The piechart is a topline version of the 4 areas that will populate the #40Daysto40 program/app/roadmap/experiment.

I’ll share my starting location for each of these categories over the next few days, but in the meantime, here’s a bit more on what I’ll be sharing:

All of these work independently and more importantly, interdependently.

Over the next few days, I’ll share my starting location for each of these categories. Then in the next 30-some days after that, you’ll mostly see posts, videos, conversations with experts and stories that fall into one of these 4 categories, along with a “vision check in” every few days.

I’ll share videos with nutritionist Lisa Kara, founder of Zinc Nutrition and my co-host on GoodnightSnack. You’ll meet mindful experts and amazing coaches as part of the mindfulness piece of pie and part of the Meditation for Assholes content, and join me at the gym or sky-diving (no, not doing that… probably not at least) as part of the Play & Physical Health slice-o-pie. And, in addition to actually sharing the content, I’ll share some other aspects of my personal and professional development, too. Along the way I’ll provide links to Ted Talks, podcasts, books, memes and even products that help me on this journey, in the hope they help you too.

My hope is to create a program for others to try out by sharing my foray into my 40’s. Maybe you’ll learn from; maybe you’ll suggest learnings for me; maybe you’ll laugh with — and maybe you’ll laugh at — me. All are acceptable and welcome.

Don’t forget to share your own tales of pushing, or having pushed past, 40 by commenting on The Daley Kennedy Facebook Page.

Til Day 37…



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